Cool VPN is your online guard

With Cool VPN you have a chance to:

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Secure yourself
Cool VPN safely encrypts your data whether you are using internet at home or connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots.
Browse the websites at an incredibly high speed
You won’t notice the difference between our VPN and your internet provider.
Protect your confidential information
Just like any high quality Virtual Private Network, Cool VPN doesn’t collect logs about its users.

How to connect to Cool VPN?

It’s incredibly simple and can be done in 3 steps:


Open up our VPN


Choose the desired country and server


Tap «connect» and enjoy yourself

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Cool VPN provides the following features for its users:

Automatic Configuration

All of your personal data is safely protected no matter where you are using the internet.

Runs nicely in the background

That’s also very important, because nothing should distract you from work.

VPN Kill Switch

It makes sure that the websites cannot see your real IP address, hiding your real identity.

Some feedback from our users

Cool VPN helped me so much!

I am very grateful to the developers of Cool VPN. I feel myself a lot safer when I use public Wi-Fi from now on.

Andrew L.
That's great!

I have always wanted to visit some of the websites, but they were restricted by my country. This VPN app completely solved my problem.

Paul S.

Cool VPN is extremely simple and convenient for use. It takes me just a few taps to launch it and select a server.

Ashley M.

All in all, Cool VPN lets you surf the internet without worrying about confidentiality

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