Terms of Use


If you want to access and use services that are offered by Cool VPN, you are supposed to agree to the terms of use. These terms are a legal binding between Cool VPN and the user. If, however, you do not agree to at least one term, then, unfortunately, our services are prohibited from you.
The agreement is valid until the user decides to stop using Cool VPN. Cool VPN will not take into account any responsibility if the user of the service does not have a stable internet connection.
If you want to use the Cool VPN service, you must first confirm that you are a real legal entity and you have to be at least 18 years old. If you agree to the TOS provided by Cool VPN, then you also automatically agree to our privacy policy.


Either you are using public or private networks, Cool VPN guarantees absolute privacy and security. So, in other words, you are able to surf the internet without exposing your real IP address.
Another great thing about the Cool VPN is the unbelievable speed that lets you browse sites as if you weren’t using a VPN at all. You won’t notice any difference.
The user is responsible to keeping their account confidential, as well as totally responsible for any kinds of operations done with their account.

License to Use

Cool VPN provides you with a license, where user is associated with the agreement that he or she is not the owner of the software by any chance. All of the services provided to the user and non-sublicensable, non-transferable and if the user decides to share his account with someone else Cool VPN has the right to cancel their subscription. You are not allowed to modify, rent out, distribute this service to others, or do any sorts of reengineering.
Cool VPN has a number of cryptographic algorithms that may be considered illegal in some of the countries. The user may only download and install the application if the country does not prohibit the usage of the software.
The user agrees to the terms of use that in case there is any damage, loss of information, or any other claims, Cool VPN doesn’t have anything to do with it. The user also agrees to use Cool VPN in order to gain online privacy, Besides, the user shouldn’t use this software for anything illegal, mustn’t violate the use of the service, mustn’t use this software for any malicious purposes. If the user finds any activity to be suspicious and not matching with the terms of use, the user should inform the counselor.
Cool VPN has the right to take appropriate measures in case the user does not follow the terms of use and the law. The user agrees that Cool VPN has the full right to terminate the license if any illegal actions are detected. The user also agrees that developers and owners cannot be held responsible for any claims that arise as a result of improper use of the services by the user. The user also has no right to blame them and make him responsible for any loss, damage, or costs caused by improper use of the service.


Cool VPN offers a fantastic package for its subscribers. The user is responsible for managing the account subscription settings. Cool VPN provides you with a 3 free day trial. However, any unused days of the trial will be forfeited if the user decides to buy a subscription before his trial ends. You also have to know that subscription on your account renews automatically. In order to change that, you have to go and adjust your settings, but note that you have to do that at least 24 hours before the end of your subscription.
User’s account is automatically renewed once a week. Payment is debited from the iTunes account. You can also manage your subscription after the purchase.


Cookie is basically a small piece of data, that is stored in your browser. Just like any other site, Cool VPN uses cookies. According to the terms of service, the user agrees to the use of cookies according to the privacy terms of Cool VPN. The main usage of the cookies is to keep track of the activities of the user.

Acceptable Use

If you agree to be our user, then you shouldn’t do the following:

  • spread viruses, as well as trojans, any spyware softwares, rootkits, as well as other malicious programs;
  • distribute copyright files;
  • use our service for illegal and fraudulent activities;
  • use Cool VPN for illegal fishing activities;
  • use someone’s credit card to pay for your subscription;
  • hack other people by using our service;
  • send DDoS attacks on people with the help of Cool VPN;
  • insult and blackmail other people;
  • send spam messages via email or any other service;
  • hack and attack our servers;
  • download and distribute child pornography.

Cancellation or Termination of The Service

Cool VPN has the right to suspend your account temporarily or permanently if the user:

  • doesn’t follow the rules listed in the terms of use;
  • uses the services in violation with the law;
  • uses the services to harm the work of our site/servers in any form possible.
If the user will be caught doing something illegal, he will be held accountable and won’t be able to return his funds by any means.

Disclaimed and Warranties

The Cool VPN does not guarantee that all of the services functionate 100% properly, don’t have any minor errors or viruses, nor does it guarantee that these errors will be fixed in the future. That being said, users of the Cool VPN should use it at their own risk. Cool VPN does not give any express warranty either.
Speed of the servers, server locations, as well as the overall quality may vary depending on where the user lives and what internet provider he is using. We do our best to try to provide our services at all times. However, at times, services might be unavailable due to emergencies or if the site is under maintenance. Not everything in this world depends from the Cool VPN control, so the services might also be down due to the reasons that don’t depend from Cool VPN, such as: problems with third-party-services, network problems, transmission failures, bad signal strength and so on.
Cool VPN is not responsible for data on the sites you visit, delayed or undelivered messages, or incorrect redirection to another site. The accuracy and timeliness of the data is not guaranteed, so there might be delays and errors.
Since Cool VPN does everything to keep their users safe, they might block some services or limit their usage to be sure that none of their users get harmed.

Limitations of Liability

Cool VPN does not bear liability for direct, special, indirect, incidental damages due to improper use of the service. This rule works even if Cool VPN was notified of potential damage in advance.

Inevitable Disasters

Cool VPN does not bear any responsibility to users if the damage to their work is caused by a natural and imminent catastrophe, for example: war, natural disasters, epidemics, explosions, and so on. All this prevents Cool VPN from fulfilling its direct obligations, as the agreement states.


In case the user has any questions regarding to the terms of use or is unhappy with Cool VPN services, then all disputes will be resolved in accordance with the laws of Seychelles.

Customer Support

You can feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions on how to make Cool VPN functionate even better. We will be happy to hear from you.

All in all, Cool VPN lets you surf the internet without worrying about confidentiality

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