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Cool VPN realizes all the problems that the user has to deal with when it comes down to privacy. That’s exactly why we have made this app and provide you with this documentation, so that you wouldn’t experience any problems while using our VPN.
This privacy policy tells the users about all potential problems with privacy while using certain apps and websites. It also tells you about some interesting services that Cool VPN has to offer.
If you are to use Cool VPN and its services, you have to confirm that you have read our terms of use and you agree with our privacy policy.


Once you have turned on the Cool VPN, it encrypts all the traffic being used between your device and our VPN servers. Cool VPN also provides you with a TLS 1.2(Transport Layer Security), as well as a 128-bit/256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard data encryption. Finally, it provides you with an HMAC message authentication. What that means is if you are using some sort of insecure Wi-Fi connection, Cool VPN will fully protect you from any possible attack, so you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen. One other benefit of such protection is that your Internet service provider will be unable to track all your data and see what kinds of websites you are visiting.
Cool VPN supports all kinds of safeguards, including: physical, administrative, and technical. All of that is being done to protect from accidental loss, accidental destruction, illegal change of your information, misuse, etc.

Personal Information

What kind of personal information do we collect?
According to our privacy policy, we collect any personal information that has to deal with the individual. Our ways of obtaining your personal information are described in the text below.
Cool VPN always asks for personal information where it is suitable, as well as tells you what will happen if you do not provide your personal information. Basically, if you refuse to provide your personal information, you won’t be able to get all the benefits from our VPN, so think twice.
All in all, there are 2 types of personal information that we gather:

  • Personal information that you agree to provide us with;
  • Personal information that is being automatically collected during the use of our VPN.
Cool VPN collects a lot of information about you, such as: IP and email address, the username you are registered with, and so on. However, all of this information is never associated with any sorts of the things you are doing online, while having Cool VPN on. Furthermore, when you have Cool VPN turned on, your IP address is stored in a safe place during the session, and is then deleted whenever you decide to turn off Cool VPN.

Personal Information you allow to give us

Whenever you use our services, the information that you allowed to give us is being collected. Let’s have a look at an example. If you decide to use Cool VPN and buy a subscription, then you will have to provide us with your payment information. Same story goes if you want to simply register on our site. You will need to provide us with your email in order to register. However, please do remember, that creating a Cool VPN account is not essential. It’s only up to you to choose if you want one. We do not force you to download any of our products either.
Here is one other thing that you need to know. If you decide to buy a Cool VPN subscription by using your credit/debit card, via PayPal or pretty much any banking method you decide to use, then your information will be gathered by a third party-payment provider, not by our website.
Another thing, that is extremely obvious, but we still want you to not forget about it, is if you decide to contact us directly, we will receive additional personal information about you. For instance, if you decided to contact our customer support for whatever reason, then we will receive all types of information that you have decided to provide us with. It’s extremely simple.

Personal Information that is being collected during the use of our services

Cool VPN collects information about you and your device the second you have downloaded the app. That being said, whenever you connect to a Cool VPN service or simply surf through the websites, your personal information is being gathered automatically.
If you are still not clear with this, then here is a more detailed explanation on types of the information that are being gathered during the use of our services: The second you open up the Cool VPN app and before you connect to our VPN services, your personal information is being collected by our service providers. That includes: operating system version of your device, language that you use, hardware model, unique mobile ID, plus several other network information. Your IP may also be gathered by our service providers, but don’t worry, it’s only being collected to provide you with some unique promotions in the future.
Once you have opened the app and selected the server you want to use, your IP address will be immediately collected and encrypted in just the matter of second. Your IP address is only being stored till the remainder of the session. It will not be kept in our services once you disconnect from Cool VPN, so there is nothing to worry about. All of your online activities are not kept on our website. All applications that are being used by you are never ever associated with you, the email you have provided or the device that you use.
However, the websites that you visit with our VPN services are actually stored. That is being done to 1) See if our users can gain access to a certain web page; 2) Improve the overall quality of our VPN services.
Here is some additional information you need to know whenever you decide to visit our websites:
Your personal information may be automatically collected from your device by us and our third party service providers and partners, such as: Maxmind and Google Analytics. Here are three main reasons why your personal information may be gathered automatically:

  • to be sure that the website is working satisfactorily,
  • to see the exact amount of users that visit the website each day;
  • to prevent your personal data from being stolen
If, for some reason, you are unhappy that your information is being collected, then you can always turn off cookies. It is simply done in any browser. You can also decline the use of a particular cookie from a certain website. However, you have to remember that if you decide to not accept cookies, then you may have some problems with using your website, because some features might not functionate properly.
If you want to know more about cookies and what they do, you can visit either of the sites: 1); 2) The first one is the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising and the second one is the Network Advertising Initiative.
Even though your IP address is gathered when you visit our website and use our services, it is never stored beyond the point. Your IP address may be used to find out your appoximate location, but like we have already mentioned multiple times, it is deleted the second you decide to leave our website.
If you want to know more about how your IP address is being used during the use of Cool VPN, then use you can visit special “When you use Cool VPN” section, where you will find all answers to your questions.
Whenever you use our app, your device-specific information is being collected, including: browser that you are using, mobile network names, unique mobile ID, operating system version, hardware model, internet service providers. All of this information is only being used to help us improve our website and make your experience with Cool VPN even better. We are also using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics on our website. Both of them use cookies and collect information for future analyzes. If you want to find our more information about Google’s practices, then you can visit the following website: and is the right website if you want to download the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.
You also have to understand that the information collected while using the site of Cool VPN differs from the things that you do while being connected to the VPN products itself. It’s two totally different things.

How is your personal information being used?

Your personal information is being used to make the site work better and faster. So, basically, we collect your personal information to help you out. Here is how it’s getting done:

  • Your personal information is being used to perform, complement, and grant you the features of Cool VPN. With the help of your personal information we are able to improve our services, establish new products, as well as answer all of your questions that you might provide to our support;
  • We are able to stay in touch with you. If we have some changes to our terms of use and policies, then we will inform you right away.
  • Your personal information also helps when it comes down commercial purposes. Marketing messages would be a good example;
  • If we are talking about audits and fraud monitoring;
  • To be able to implement our Terms of Service or any other rights;
If you live in the European Economic Area, then your personal information will be proceeded only based on the legal basis, such as:

  • Whenever we need your information to provide our services. These include: account registration, customer support, as well as the ability to respond to your inquiries;
  • We have the juridical rights to use your personal information to be able to enforce our terms and conditions;
  • When we have a justifiable interest in using your personal information. That happens pretty often when we are working on improving our products, browsing issues on the website, сonducting our business analytics, showing you non-personalized ads, improving our performance, as well as work on providing as much safety and security as possible.
  • Your personal information is processed by third party members, but only if these interests aren’t violated by your rights;
  • If you agree on providing your personal information.

How is your personal information being shared?

As we have already previously mentioned, your personal information is only being shared to upgrade our services, provide you promotions from our services, or if the law requires doing so. Your personal information is never being logged in any case and your IP address is deleted the second you turn off the VPN.
If you are still wondering why and who we share your information with, then here is a more detailed overview: We share your personal information with third party services providers, who provide a lot of things, including: customer support, payment processing, website presentation, data analysis, information technology, email delivery, audition, prevention from fraud, as well as a few different services. Launching the Cool VPN app, your IP address will be collected, so that we can determine your approximate emplacement. Your IP address, however, will be deleted once you decide to end the session.
Here is something else that you need to know. If you are connected to the Cool VPN, none of the advertisers are able to see your exact IP address, but depending on the version of the Cool VPN your approximate location might be shared. If we are talking about the free version of the app, then the advertisers are able to detect your approximate city, but with premium Cool VPN version advertisers will have no chance of seeing even your approximate location, because we won’t share it with them.

  • To a potential acquirer;
  • As a part of reorganization, sale, merger, assignment, joint venture, transfer etc;
  • Transfer of a portion of our business (bankruptcy and others).
One more time, you are not forced into providing any personal information to be able to download and use Cool VPN, your IP address is never logged nor stored after you turn off the VPN, plus there are no logs on your online activities. With that being said, we do not have personal information for share with law enforcement, plus we don’t have enough data to provide if there are any requests made by the law enforcement.
However, your personal information may be shared if the law requires doing so, or in the good faith belief that such action is convenient:
1) In accordance with the law, even if the law is functioning outside of your country of residence;
2) Abide by juridical process;
3) If there are requests from public and government authorities;
4) If it is stated so in our terms and conditions;
5) To defend our operations;
6) To protect our rights, safety, privacy, same goes for our customers;
7) To limit the losses we may get
Remember, that if you use the premium version of Cool VPN, then none of your information will be shared with advertisers.
Cool VPN has the right to use and share any information that does not identify the individual for their own purposes, as long as it isn’t illegal.

Changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy may be changed from time to time, if Cool VPN decides to do so. That means that users should regularly check the privacy policy to make sure that they agree with everything written there. We promise to do our best to inform users of new changes.

Contact information

In case you still have questions about our privacy policy, you can always contact our support by the following address:

All in all, Cool VPN lets you surf the internet without worrying about confidentiality

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